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Invest in America’s farmers

Farmland Capital by Farmers Business Network® connects you to opportunities to invest alongside farmers in farmland appreciation.

Making it simple to invest in farmland with purpose

Farmland Capital by FBN was created to provide a path to long-term land ownership for farmers and build a pipeline of high-quality farmland investment opportunities for investors.


FBN’s products and services are trusted by our member network of 48,000+ farmers. In line with our mission to power the prosperity of family farmers, we’re connecting our members to investors who can enable them to maintain and expand their farms while keeping land in their families. 

Our unique structure rewards investors with outsized returns relative to historical farmland appreciation and ensures farmers retain cash flow through the hold period. Our proprietary technology identifies farms with the highest potential for risk-adjusted returns based on a host of factors such as historical yield, soil type, and flooding risk, and continuously monitors those investments for appreciation potential.

Farmland Capital has the full backing and support of FBN, with access to an industry-leading team of loan advisors, underwriters, data scientists, and economists.


Our mission

For investors

To provide superior farmland investing opportunities, enabling outsized returns from a differentiated pipeline

For farmers

To provide access to capital for growing or sustaining family farms while supporting long-term land ownership

For everyone

To keep rural land in rural hands, ensuring we have dedicated stewards for the farms that feed the world

Learn more about co-investing in U.S. farmland

Access our investor introduction brochure.


Invest now

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