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Meet our 

experienced team

The team at Farmland Capital is dedicated group of professionals who are committed to providing exceptional investment opportunities in the agricultural industry. We are a subsidiary of Farmers Business Network, a leading provider of innovative solutions for farmers and the agricultural community. We are passionate about helping our clients make smart and informed investment decisions that align with their goals and values. We look forward to learning about your goals and helping you get started investing in farmland.

Melissa Bermudez.png

Melissa Bermudez

Director, Farmland Capital

Melissa leads Farmland Capital's investor efforts, bringing over ten years of investment, operational, and strategic experience to the team. She holds a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Pepo Peschiera.png

Pepo Peschiera

Managing Director, Farmland Investments

Pepo leads investment diligence and acquisition efforts. He is an agronomist with a master in finance and has over 15 years of farmland investment experience, leading investments in farmland valued over $100M.

Dan English.png

Dan English

General Manager, FBN Finance

A Harvard Business School MBA, Dan has 15 years of finance and consulting experience, including six years building FBN Finance from the ground up.

Alex Bergonia.png

Alex Bergonia

Director, Strategy and Operations

Alex has seven years of experience across operations, consulting and investment management with a focus in the natural resource space. She holds an MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

John Riney.png

John Riney

Manager, Strategy and Operations

John has eight years of finance and operations experience, including four years in private equity and credit investing.

Sam Trombley.png

Sam Trombley

Manager, Corporate Development

Sam brings over eight years of investment banking and consulting experience to the Farmland Capital team.

Low Volatility. High Performance. Invest in Farmland.

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