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Invest in high-quality farmland alongside farmers

Diversify your portfolio with Farmland Capital by Farmers Business Network®. Farmland investment opportunities are available now for accredited investors.


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High-performance farmland investing with purpose

FBN built its business by supporting and empowering farmers. Now, we’re connecting our member network with accredited investors through Farmland Capital, helping farmers get the financing they need to maintain or expand their farms, and giving investors access to a unique, high-quality asset base. 


Opportunities are available for accredited investors with minimum investments of $10,000.

Invest for performance

Our investment pipeline is differentiated: the majority of our investments were never available on the open market. Farmland Capital investors are uniquely positioned for outsized returns by investing alongside farmers in superior assets.


Invest for diversification

The farmland investment thesis simple: consistent, low-volatility appreciation that protects against inflation and isn't correlated with the ups and downs of the stock and bond markets. That makes farmland investments an excellent option for diversification.

Invest to make a change

Farmland Capital helps keep rural land in rural hands and creates a path to long-term land ownership by farmers.  We empower farmers to invest in their land for the long term, adopting practices that improve land over time, strengthening an asset they can pass on for generations.



Farmland investment opportunities to meet your needs

Our team of experts conducts rigorous due diligence on every opportunity that comes our way, accepting less than 5% of the investments that cross our desk. The result is a pipeline of high-quality investments that meet our standards for profit growth, asset quality, appreciation potential, and operator capability.

Learn more about investing in farmland


Meet the team

The Farmland Capital team has decades of experience in investing, data science, and research, backed by the full support of FBN.


Why invest in farmland?

The farmland investment thesis is straightforward. Learn why.


Farmland Capital FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our investments and process.


Why do farmers need financing?

Learn how Farmland Capital helps farmers finance their on-farm operations and what your investment supports.


How we make investments

Opportunities we bring to you must meet a rigorous set of criteria. Learn what components are important in our diligence process.


Investment structure deep dive

Our investments enable outsized returns relative to farmland’s historic performance due to our differentiated  structure. Read about how it works


Speak to a Farmland Capital expert

Accredited investors can learn more about our platform by scheduling a meeting.

Are you a farmer looking to finance farmland purchases?

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